Monday, 19 March 2012

Ballymaloe Day 42, March 7th - Eggs 70s

Week 9, Day 2 and I was cooking the Cumberland Sauce, Bacon with a sugary pineapple glaze and Eggs Mayonnaise. I also practiced another brown soda bread. As ever easier than it sounds, the bacon took forever to cook as it simmered on the hob. It only goes into the oven to brown up but by the end of it I was getting sick of the dish. The Cumberland Sauce too took a long time and just didn’t go very well, too watery, then too overcooked, tricky to master. The Eggs Mayonnaise involved boiling 10 eggs (double the recipe) which I also failed to master, then making mayonnaise in the food processor and adding that to the sieved egg yolk. You then put it with some chives back into the halved egg whites and serve with a garnish. Easy, no? I swear this will be coming back into fashion if it hasn’t already! I also made some vanilla ice cream today, made by the method of pouring syrup onto the egg mixture. It was really sweet and tasty!

My Bacon and Cumberland Sauce, and a garnished Egg Mayonnaise

My Eggs Mayonnaise, 70s revival on the cards
The demonstration today was good, there was a spectacular ciabatta bread which is a two day job, a lamb curry and accompaniments, melon cocktail, sorbets, stuffed dates and a cardamom cream with pomegranates. It was a great feast; the blood orange sorbet was especially good and had an amazing flavour.

Tomorrow we have plenty on, a canapé demonstration, a talk on spices and freezing (not freezing spices) and then a visit up the road to Ballymaloe House.

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