Saturday, 3 March 2012

Ballymaloe Day 32, 21st February - Shrove and Steak

Today I made the Granary Bread,it doesn't require too much work but it does take a time to rise. As ever though with the breads, I forgot to take a picture... It was Shrove Tuesday, so I made Crepes with Orange Butter. The pancakes are made ahead and then reheated in the orange butter and orange juice. A shot of grand Marnier would also be good! The final dish was a a starter of Bitter Endive Salad with Anchovy Dressing and Pan Grattato (fried breadcrumbs with garlic). It was very tasty. I made the anchovy or caesar dressing in the food processor, easy enough but thinning down to the consistency to coat the leaves is hard. As it was, I was serving too many leaves and too much dressing, portion control again! They looked very pretty though with the yellow mustard flowers.

It was a busy afternoon's demonstration, plates of smoked fish from several artisan smokehouses in County Cork. Then some fruit and frangipane tarts, my favourite. Last but not least was an introduction to preparing and cooking steaks and accompaniments. Huge cuts of the farm's own beef were brought in and Rory took off the sirloin and fillet. A great idea to feed lots of people is to leave the sirloin on the bone and cook the whole thing as  a roast instead of a roast rib of beef or something. There was plenty of drama with all the steaks frying on the griddle pans and the smoke and lots of very thin chips and onion rings being deep fried. The beef was delicious!

Smoked fish (all about proportion, apparently)

Pear & Frangipane Tart

Smoked Fish and Steak & Chips

Steak with Wild Garlic

Smoke tuna with mayonnaise
 Also remembered to turn my cheese and feed my sourdough starter. All this food to look after!

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