Friday, 9 March 2012

Ballymaloe Day 38, March 1st - Meat is Murder (Part 1)

Day 3
In the morning of this week’s theory day we had a massive vegetarian demonstration by Darina and Rachel. Morrissey would have liked it! There were dishes from all over the world, the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Spain, America and so on. It was one of the tastiest lunches yet (even better when you haven’t had to cook). There were honestly loads and loads of things on the menu and so much of it was fresh tasting and healthy. There were lots of pulses, quinoa, tofu, baked aubergine and tabbouleh, everything had lots of flavour and was really delicious.

Darina in action and a huge spread of food

Pitta Bread

Yummy vegetarian food

All fresh and tasty

Nom nom nom

The afternoon was another wine lecture, we went through a huge selection from all over the world this week. We had wines from Austria, California, Spain, South Africa and Italy. What a struggle! I liked all of them, in fact we haven’t tasted a wine I haven’t liked! I will miss this part when the course is over, swigging wine on a Wednesday afternoon!

Colm McCan, Sommelier


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