Friday, 9 March 2012

Ballymaloe Day 37, February 29th - Pasta

It was mayhem in the kitchen today with everyone rolling out the pasta and cooking it to be eaten straight away. The cannelloni filling was straightforward enough but the pasta dough was a bit tricky, just a bit more liquid and it was too wet. Apparently the trick is to dip it into a bit of egg white till it is just right. After a bit more flour I managed to rescue it and kneaded the dough till it was soft and silky – like soft skin! I also ended up making the Tiramasu which was really tasty. I rolled out the pasta okay after a few goes at it, it should be thin but not the thinnest for this recipe. However some of the sheets stuck together when I went to cook it, I should have put them on separate trays after I rolled them out… Miraculously I managed to pull the dish together with my meagre amount of useable pasta. I also got my chocolate tart out of the tin.

Pastel Eggs

Chocolate Tart!



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In the afternoon the demonstration featured a wide variety of dishes. Rory prepared a Rack of Lamb, made Brioche, Tart Tatin, Dessert SoufflĂ©s and Mussels. There was also Ox Tongue, to be brined and cooked later in the week. Was a bit repulsive to look at to be honest! We won’t be cooking all these till Friday though, as Thursday we are on a school trip!

Ox Tongue

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