Friday, 9 March 2012

Ballymaloe Day 40, March 3rd - Soda Bread, Mussels, Lamb

My final day in Kitchen 1 and I was ready to tackle some extra bread making. I rustled up a brown and white soda bread, both of which have room for improvement! I also made the white milk dough which is a softer, er milkier white yeast bread. I made one loaf and then made six rolls with the other which I shaped into a flower and topped with different seeds! They were a bit dense though, I could have made both smaller and got a third loaf out of it. Anyway, good practice and I will have another go at the soda breads next week.

The bad bread

My actual dishes for the day were Mussels with Coconut and Coriander and the Rack of Lamb with Fresh Apple & Mint Chutney. Preparing and French trimming the lamb was okay with a bit of guidance, I cut the feather bones and chine bone off with a saw, as you do, then trimmed it up and scraped down the bones. That bit took forever! The chutney was great, really tasty and quick in the food processor. The mussels looked great and the coconut broth with chilli and lemongrass was simple enough to prepare. Had to scrub the barnacles off the mussels but the whole thing was really tasty, I don’t know why I don’t cook them more often after this.

The lamb though was in an oven with someone else’s and I didn’t keep enough of an eye on it. The oven wasn’t hot enough and they just didn’t have enough colour on them. With everything else going on I didn’t think to keep them in for longer. Despite their smallish size they needed a lot longer and were too pink for my taste. It was ok, but could have been better!

A great demonstration in the afternoon with Squid, Panna Cotta and Roast Duck, all beautifully presented. It was the end of a long week though and I was so tired, there is no let up here at all!!

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