Learn from a Ballymaloe-trained Chef


You'll never hear me complain about anything that encourages and teaches others to cook their own food for themselves and their families from scratch. From Jamie O's three minute meals to supermarket recipe cards, anything that empowers others to discover or even rediscover those skills is important. What else can you learn that makes such a big difference to your life three times a day?

I'm currently teaching cookery classes in Edinburgh, so please get in touch if you or your organisation would like to work with me. Just like at Balymaloe, my focus and style of cookery is all about real food and real flavour, using the ingredients and skills you need to eat well. From jam making to soda bread, filleting a fish to the perfect vinegrette, I can help.

Cooking's not a dark art that you need to study for years and years, or really need any fancy equipment. It's just about learning about what ingredients to use and how to treat them well. It's not grade 10 piano - anyone can do it! I'm passionate about sharing how to cook real food with real people in the real world.

Over the last year I've recently had the pleasure of teaching the 'Fork to Fork' cookery classes at Gorgie City Farm in Edinburgh. Some of the volunteers there are adults with learning difficulties or mental health problems, but it has been a rewarding experience teaching them how to cook using the fresh, seasonal produce they grow right there on the farm.

I'm also available for private cookery classes for you and your friends in your own home, or am happy to work with individuals, groups or organisations.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.