Friday, 9 March 2012

Ballymaloe Day 36, 28th February - Back in the Dairy

Week 8 already and I was still in Kitchen 1. My third week here, hopefully the teachers weren’t sick of the sight of me. This week we are only in the kitchen for three days as Thursday is the School Outing! In the morning I was up for half seven to milk the cows again. The mornings are much lighter now, I remember stumbling around in a field full of mud in the dark at the start of the course! The cows were herded in and we got the milk and separated it into milk and cream in the dairy. Here are some pics which I didn’t get before!


Separating the milk and the cream

Then back into Kitchen 3 for the morning’s cooking. I was making a salad with thin slices of pan grilled steak, onion rings and tarragon dressing. I also made a rich chocolate tart with very short pastry which I rolled out between clingfilm and carefully laid into the tin. The tart comes out the oven still liquidy and then the chocolate sets overnight. I also made some extra scones for practice, I put a bit of cinnamon in them and brushed the tops with cinnamon sugar.

Steak Salad

Cinnamon Scones

Chocolate Tart

In the afternoon there was a huge pasta demonstration. One of the teachers here used to work at the River Café in London and she is an expert at making fresh pasta of all shapes and sizes. There were all sorts: lasagne, cannelloni, tortellini, cappeletti, fettucini and so on, plus a real ragu, Tiramasu and loads of rich sauces to go with them. They have these professional sized pasta rollers here, sort of like a giant’s version of the ones you have at home. It all looked a feast and tomorrow I am making the Cannelloni filled with chicken and pork and a rich creamy sauce.

Pasta Fest!


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