Saturday, 11 February 2012

Ballymaloe Day 17, 31st January - The Great Ballymaloe Bake Off

Day 2 of Week 4 and it was my turn to bake a cake this week. I was making the chocolate cake with chocolate icing. Again Kitchen 2 was freezing and there was no softened butter for love nor money (I tried!) This meant it took forever for my butter to be soft enough to beat together with the sugar. We have to do all this by hadn't to start with to learn what the mixture should feel like so it took an epoch to get to the right stage. Once baked they looked okay, but should have made more of a hollow in the centre so the sides and middle cook at the same time, instead the sides were a bit overcooked.

I melted some chocolate for decoration and made a piping bag out of parchment paper. Then I piped some chocolate shamrocks for my cake and a pint of Guinness to continue to Irish theme! Very tasteful! There was a good atmosphere about the kitchen with everyone decorating their cakes. Was well pleased with mine but then had to put that glamour aside and cook some sprouts. They were perfect though! It's good to practice basic stuff like cooking a green vegetable as well as the more exciting recipes.

Tasteful! (and tasty!)

The competition

My initials written in chocolate!
All the cakes looked fab, after dinner the winners were announced! Not me and my shamrocks, but one of our housemates in the Pink Cottage won for his coffee cake which we enjoyed later. On the menu for Thursday, the Chicken Liver Paté I sold at the Farmers' Market, another chance to fillet a round fish, Lemon Meringue Pie and White Yeast Bread!

A good day, I loved making the chocolate shapes. I'm bad enough with the nozzled piping bag, there'll be no stopping me with the chocolate now!

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