Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ballymaloe Day 26, February 13th - Doilies and Sherry (Granny's Revenge!)

Week 6 and this week I am in Kitchen 1 for the first time. Apart from not knowing where anything is I'm fine! Made the Raspberry Fool and biscuits which actually turned out pretty well. I found this cute plate to serve it on, of course featuring the inevitable doily which we love here at Ballymaloe. I'm actually thinking they're due a renaissance some day soon!

I also made the vegetable dish, yes, Kale again. I destalked it, cooked it, then put it in the Magimix with butter, cream, nutmeg, salt and pepper. It tastes better with cream and all that but doesn't everything!? I also tackled some White Yeast Bread as I hadn't loads on. I made the sunflower shaped loaf from last week. It took forever to rise and bake but it looked and tasted really good as they housemates attested that night. Sadly I didn't get to take a photo but hopefully I'll do it again soon. I also went through my technique sheet ahead of the exams and my teacher marked the ones I need to practice...just 2 more days in the kitchen to do this so got a couple done!

Afternoon demonstration and it was an introduction to Choux Pastry and making Eclairs. There were also some fish curries and a Puy Lentil and Goat's Cheese Salad. We were all eclaired out by the end of it!

This heart garland is so cool

All this needs is a glass of Prosecco

 Colm McCan, Sommelier of Ballymaloe House visited us in the evening to go through an extra wine lecture all about Sherry. Sherry is dead popular here at Ballymaloe and they want to get it away from the old granny with a bottle of Harveys's Bristol Cream at Christmas image. We found out how it was made (all news to me) and then tried a few, a Fino, an Amontillado, a Manzanilla and the sweet, treacly Pedro Ximenez. It was all delicious. Apparently the makers Lustau also make the sherry that goes into Waitrose's own brand. I will be down for a bottle when I get back!

Back over in the cottage exam fever was setting in and the sherry was wearing off. We were all going a bit crazy trying to remember dishes to go with flat parsley and tarragon and memorising salad leaves. I even made some flash cards...someone pass the bristol cream...

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