Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Ballymaloe Weekend 3 - 28th/29th January

Weekend number three and still I was setting my alarm… Myself and some of the housemates went to the Farmer’s Market in Midleton, this time I was there as a punter! Had some of the amazing hot chocolate from the O’Conaill Real Coffee Company, they have a shop in Cork and I got the large Praline Hot Chocolate, half milk and half dark chocolate. I think it was the best €3.50 I have ever spent, especially on a cold wet morning in January! Also got some smoked salmon paté from Hederman’s Smokehouse, and looked at the cheese and seafood.

En route back to the cookery school we dropped in at Ballymaloe House and had a quick look in the fabulous cook shop, tracked down some postcards (er, haven’t sent them yet folks) and had a coffee in the café there run by an ex-Ballymaloe student.

Then back at the school there was a weekend course on Gluten-Free cooking run by another former student, Rosemary Kearney. She made lots of pastry, cakes and desserts suitable for coeliacs. As students we got to sit in for free and it’s useful to get these recipes and knowledge for catering purposes, I think it would be a great service to offer in the future!

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