Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ballymaloe Day 29, 16th February - Profiteroles

Back in Kitchen 1 and it was the last chance to practice any techniques with the teachers. Unfortunately I also had bread and lemonade duty to do, another two recipes to fit into 4 hours. I made the Shanagarry Soda Bread we made in the first week, then made the lemonade, a combination of lemon, orange, grapefruit and passion fruit. It was a tasty mixture. There was also some rosemary syrup in the fridge to use, so measured it carefully! That done I managed to make my choux pastry and crème patisserie and get my two trays of profiteroles in the oven fine, then it was onto the techniques. Just wanted to tick off poaching an egg and a couple of other things so once that was done I had to make the chocolate sauce (with a large swig of Grand Marnier) and also a tomato, basil and coconut soup. A busy morning that’s for sure, but everything turned out ok, touch wood. Loved the profiteroles, here's a pic:

For the afternoon’s demonstration it was a menu we wouldn’t be cooking till Monday because of the exams. There were some great centrepieces of paté and terrines, and lots of relishes and chutneys to go with them. Then there was an introduction to flaky pastry and some apple tarts. As if that wasn’t enough there were two soufflés as well, oh the drama! We all enjoyed it but soon enough it was back to the house for some last minute cramming and to sharpen our knives!

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