Sunday, 19 February 2012

Ballymaloe Day 22, 7th February - Kidney Business

Week 5 Day 2 and we were making breakfast for lunch. I made some tasty muffins with Medjool Dates in them, squeezed a pint of fresh orange juice, then started on the Blackberry, Apple and Sweet Geranium jam. This jam took an eon to set, it was quite ridiculous! We were both sick of it! Once we were free from the tyranny of the jam we made the full Irish Breakfast. I also prepared kidneys to have with the sausage, bacon, tomato, mushroom, white and black pudding and perfect fried egg (if I do say so myself). We also had some Cava with our freshly squeezed orange juice. Because I had so many orange peels from the juice I decided to have another go at the candied peel. Fingers crossed the second batch will be better!

An offal day in the kitchen (lol)

Lovin' the doilies

Later in the afternoon we were shown how to gut and skin a rabbit by Tom, who knows all things game, we were a rapt audience, everyone's eyes were on stilts! (Although apparently rabbit are not classed as game, they are vermin!) Then Rachel jointed it and made a casserole with mustard and herbs. I have no problem with rabbit but hare was also mentioned in our accompanying notes. I would never eat a hare, a noble beast! Rachel also jointed a chicken again and made a casserole with that and a casserole with Pheasant and Chorizo, a great combination.

There was no let up in the serious skills then as she showed us how to fillet a flat fish, there were Black or Dover Sole, Lemon Sole, Plaice, Brill and Megram, fresh from the boat. I am making deep fried goujons of sole tomorrow. Next were two delicious looking tarts, one was a Lemon Tart with Lemon Ice and the other a Medjool Date Tart, it was incredibly rich. I am making that one, more pastry!

Medjool Date Tart

Casseroles of Pheasant, Rabbit & Chicken

Lemon Tart & Lemon Ice

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