Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ballymaloe Day 30, 17th February - Pizza and Exams

Exam day loomed. But first we had a huge pizza demonstration, again with Rory and Emer. The school has a wood burning pizza oven from Italy but we also learned the best way to cook them in a domestic oven. The basic dough and tomato sauce were first, the dough includes some rye flour which gives it flavour and texture and looks great as well. Then we ate the pizzas as they cooked. Next were different types of pizzas or pizza type dishes using the dough, including Sfinciuni (like a sort of pie), Calzone, Stromboli (a swiss roll shape) Panzerotte and Sgabei (I’m not making these up!) As ever it was a feast but everyone was pretty nervous over lunch with the exams hanging over us...

The pub!

Luckily I was in the second group so I didn’t have to wait too long. We headed over and all the kitchen doors were papered up so we couldn’t see in. It was like being back at school! The herbs were okay but a couple of the salad leaves I wasn’t sure. I had to also assemble a Magimix, lay a table and pour a glass of wine properly (how could I mess that up I hear you cry!). So far so good but then we were all waiting outside Kitchen 2 for ages waiting to be called in. Rachel was in there as one of the teachers marking us! I went in and it was ok, chopping and sweating an onion, making a paper piping bag, then making short crust pastry and lining a tart tin and cooking glazed carrots. Think it went okay, could have got worse things to do. Just glad it was all over! Got on the wine and headed for the pub…

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