Sunday, 12 May 2013

Recipe - Yellow Cherry Tomatoes with Oregano

Look at these beauties!
 Clyde Valley Tomatoes were at Edinburgh Farmers' Market yesterday and I've been looking forward to getting my hands on some tomatoes that actually taste like tomatoes from them for a while. My home grown fruits are still a way off being ready to eat, so the smell of the leaves on my hands after watering them is the closest I'm getting to any real flavour for the time being!

Clyde Valley Tomatoes live over in the west at Carluke and are bringing back the tradition of tomato growing to this part of the world. Thanks to the microclimate that exists there they are able to raise 10,000 plants in their greenhouses and are growing heritage varieties and fruits that taste of something other than pulpy water.

I bought the yellow cherry tomatoes, golden coloured, sweet and tender. As well as being juicy, compact fruits full of flavour, they have a delicate, thinner skin compared to supermarket ones. Because they're so delicious, this recipe is barely one at all!


Yellow Cherry Tomatoes with Oregano
One punnet cherry tomatoes
Sea salt (crushed or flakes)
Freshly ground black pepper
Small handful fresh oregano leaves
Extra virgin olive oil

  • Cut the tomatoes in half round the 'equator' and place cut side up on a serving platter (something that will show off the colours at their best!)
  • Sprinkle over a large pinch of salt and some black pepper, then the oregano leaves
  • Drizzle with olive oil
  • After a few minutes the juices will be drawing out of the tomatoes. Keep at room temperature and serve within half an hour. We ate this with some Morbier cheese and crusty bread!

Loving our lunch

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