Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ballymaloe Day 1!!! 9th January 2012

Our first day and I am so excited to be here after all this time! For a minute I just couldn't believe it, it didn't really sink in that I was actually here, then I was too busy to think about it any more! First we were served a delicious breakfast, followed by an introduction to the school. Then we all went for a tour around the gardens and grounds. There are vegetable gardens, herb gardens, the greenhouses, dairy, henhouses and so on. I planted a little lettuce in the greenhouse (have to remember which one it is!) We saw the little piglets that were born a month or so ago! Also were introduced to the gardeners and the extensive recycling system was explained. Nearly everything goes back to the hens or the farm, is reused or recycled. What the hens don’t eat goes to the compost and then back into the soil to grow the food, hence the cycle is complete!

Then back at the school we had the most amazing tasting plate including shrimps, mayonnaise, smoked fish and shellfish, pate, the prettiest plate of food I have ever seen. 

Then the first demonstration, I was trying to remember everything but our headmistress goes so quickly, soda bread, biscuits, soup, stock, baked apples, rice pudding, lemonade, and this is just one day, we will have to make most of it tomorrow. And as for the chopping and knife techniques, I was trying to follow it but fear i have forgotten it all!

There are loads of extra-curricular activities to sign up for. I was way more enthusiastic than I ever was at school! Farmers’ market, cheese making, milking the cows, experience at Ballymaloe House, the list goes on.

On top of all that there are duties to do such as feeding the hens, serving lunch, picking vegetables, sweeping the floors and so on. I was overloaded with information today and just trying to get my head around everything. I’m also more than apprehensive about the first day in the kitchen! However I think it was a full moon tonight, an auspicious sign in my opinion!

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